OCUN Strike QC

Made from quality materials, these are comfortable shoes to fit most climbers.
They have a relatively flat last, soft tongue, free heel and full padding for comfort.
Artificial leather, basic last and absolute non-aggressiveness are the main parameters of these shoes.
These shoes combine the durability of an indoor shoe, the crispness of an athletic shoe and the comfort of a multi-pitch shoe.
You don't have to take them off all day.
Thousands of owners of Strike climbing shoes confirm this.


  • Last: Basic - flat, slightly asymmetrical
  • Ventilated soft tongue
  • Climbing shoes are designed for climbing climbing walls and multi-pitching.

Technical features

  • Outer material:
  • Insole: Twill kangas
  • Midsole: 2D Fit Middle
  • Outer sole: CAT rubber 1.1, 4mm
  • Weight: 431-695 g
60,00 €
Jaama 12
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